Gearotic Gear Design Software

$ 120.00

Gearotic Gear Design Software by Art Fenerty.

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Customer Reviews

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Jim F.
Looks Like tons of fun!

Have not used it yet but sure looks like it will be well used!!

Francis F.
Good choice Gearotic

Nice calculations

Scott G.
Good but needs a few tweeks.

Steep learning curve, despite the videos. Needs a much better 'help' interface with a glossary that describes all terms, tabs, and functions (the manual doesn't cover everything). Need more escapement. I'd love to see some gravity escapements and a pinwheel. However, despite all it's growing pains, it really does a great job generating gear trains. Thanks for taking this task on.

Dave P.

Easy install - very easy to use - wide variety of gear types - my first try was very successful

Laurens M.
trouble with export and import in Solidworks

Just tried with a simple spur and rack so far
I have some trouble importing in Solidworks. I first export as DXF and then import in SW as a 2D sketch. This results in a very heavy file. Curves are built up of many segments. Is there a better way to export I Don’t want to trace over half the drawing by hand.