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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Werle
Good Product with great potential. But?

I find that the GW Calculator has the the potential to be very helpful to me. But it seems that even though the GW Calculator is updated, all the tutorials and help files are very old and not very organized. When lessons load, half the information will not load and leaves you confused. In addition. When your trying to read, unwanted advertisements keep popping up and interfering.

I have found that I spend more time on my own trying to figure the program out. I'm sure in time I will be able understand better how the program works and will be able to use it and trust it. But as it stands now I feel like I am on my own and will have to struggle through it.

Matthew H.
Great tool, easy to use, occasionally a bit confusing.

I really like the Gwizard. While there is no need for a UI refresh, I occasionally feel like I'm supposed to click something, or feel uncertain that it has run and updated the results based on my settings changes. At a root level it is an excellent tool to keep me from wondering whether my own spreadsheet calcs were right (turns out they are always pretty close) and is more user friendly than my own systems was.

Nathan D.
Great Product. License renewal was a bit strange.

Have had great success using Gwizard. Recently renewed from a one year to a 3 year license, but rather than that process treated like an extension of the existing license, it was more like a new sign up. Would be nice if this process could be stream lined. We did eventually get our data back, but it was a bit of a disjointed process. As far as the product goes- all good though.

Andrew M.
Excellent value, good product with great support

Excellent. I use this almost every day in coming up with feeds and speeds. We do a lot of custom parts so this is critical tool and no more guessing.

Philip G.
GW Calculator

Yes, I like the calculator a lot, but the frequency of follow-up emails is annoying. I know they are aimed at exploring and expanding the use of the application but there are just too many.