GWC + GWE Lifetime Subscriptions

$ 439.00

Lifetime subscriptions to both GW Calculator and GW Editor

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Din S.

Definitely a good buy. Recently I started milling materials I was not used to. One of the materials was missing in the list and I reached out to Bob and he was very fast to respond and help me out. 9/10 from me.

Charles C.
It’s pretty dang cool.

It’s smarter than I am. I’m really challenging myself learning this. I love the built in wizards and the simulator. I can look at all my previous programs and even programs other people made before I started and see if they’re correct and changing and fixing g-code has never been quicker.

I used to edit code, load into the machine. Dry run, edit, dry run, edit, set to the offsets, and single block, etc. Now I do all the work in g-wizard. Once I load the program on my lathe or mill, I’m more confident. Setups are quicker. I’m sure that as I learn more about using this, I’ll be an even better machinist. It’s difficult to get started, but we’ll worth it, and the cost is cheap compared with the other options.

Jacob S.
useful tools

I use GWC every time I turn my mills on. Good stuff.

Hugh K.
self-taught machanist

Now that I have it, I wouldn't be without it.

Mark G.
Saved money the first time I ran it.

We were doing a job that was going through bits like crazy. Did the calculations in GWC, reduced RPMs, increased feed rate, finished the last half of the job on 1 bit which was still sharp at the end!

We had an issue with logging in, but Bob resolved it.

Bob provides great tutorials, lots of tips and tricks, and keeps improving the programs.